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Rutledge Daugette is the CEO & Founder of TechRaptor, a lifelong gamer who has a deep passion for the industry and the incredible games that it produces. A Technical Account Manager in IT by day, his passion for gaming originally led him to get a degree in Game Programming, which he still dabbles in here and there.

Rutledge started TechRaptor in March of 2013 as a fun side project, and over 9 years later it's grown immensely in both the Gaming and Tabletop industries. Rutledge's day-to-day is focused on business development, user experience improvements, ongoing development, and staffing. With a passion for SEO and writing guides, Rutledge currently runs the guide section of the site – doing both writing and editing of them. His favorite content is guides content due to the satisfaction that comes from publishing them to help others, while also having to really deep dive to find solutions and details that are critical to a well-crafted guide.

Rutledge’s core passions lie in team and process development that makes the team’s lives easier when it comes to the work that TechRaptor does. He’s also a large advocate of mental health, and America’s National Parks. 

If he’s not working on the site, you’ll find him playing Battle Royale games, hiking anywhere that has mountains, or spending time with his wife and two dogs. 

Favorite games:

  • Hunt Showdown
  • Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Favorite genres:

  • Roleplaying (RPG)
  • Battle Royale
  • Shooters

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