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Joey Thurmond

Staff Writer

I'm a part-time videogame journalist with a BA in Game and Interactive Media Design and an MA in Writing Studies. I bleed theology, sci-fi, and fantasy. I grew up with Spyro and Crash on the PlayStation and love FPS, action-RPG, and platformer games. For more of my antics, mosey on over to Push Square and Gamechurch.

Articles by Joey Thurmond

TR Originals
Bullet Points: God of War’s Hub World
Evolving the hub world concept
The Weakest Links: The Flaws In Breath Of The Wild

I finished The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild recently.

Sony's New Publishing Label Unties is Publishing PC And Switch Games

You'd think that Sony Music Entertainment (SME) would stick with, well, music, but the subsidiary company is broaching new waters with the announcement of its new game publishing label Unties.

Metroid Samus Returns Review Header
Metroid: Samus Returns Review – In Her Prime

Samus Aran has been in retirement.

Limited Run Games Now Required To Put ESRB Ratings on Boxes

If there's a major bonus to the appeal of Limited Run Games' physical cases of video games, it's that they're not adorned with excessive logos and symbols that distract from the cover art.

Dear Esther Developer Temporarily "Going Dark" And Letting Staff Go

The Chinese Room studio has been in the videogame industry for nearly a decade, which had its origins in a humble mod for Half-Life 2 called Dear Esther that went on to popularize

Sparc Review - A Flash of Brilliance

As I figuratively stepped into the world of Sparc, I could instantly tell it would own up to its inspiration.