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Jake Inferrera began his warhammer journey by splitting the 3rd edition box set with his brother and immediately fell in love with the John Blanche art and the Dark Eldar models. He collected and played Dark Eldar until he discovered space Orks, which he quickly became completely obsessed with for years (despite all the vehicles being the gorkamorka style). He loves all Orkz with powerklawz, especially the mega armored Nobz. 

Though he dabbled with a couple kits here and there throughout the years, his Warhammer Fantasy journey ramped up when he was gifted an old Skaven box set. While he wouldn’t have chosen the rat men as an army to play, the more he read about them the more he liked them, with their powerful wizards, artillery and the dreaded Hellpit Abomination. As Warhammer Fantasy battles turned into Age of Sigmar, he says he's glad his passion for little gray rat men also made the transition. 

Although mostly a collector and painter, Jake is working toward completing his first fully fledged army and getting in more games in the future. An artist and designer by trade from the Northeast, USA, Jake also enjoys Dungeons & Dragons, MORK BORG, and other fantasy wargames.

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