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Hugh Thomas

Student by day, musician by night, gaming journalist somewhere in between. Find me on PSN and Steam at carcrash12!

Articles by Hugh Thomas


Batman Arkham Knight Unveiled


Published: Tue, 03/04/2014 - 13:59

Strider Review


Long ago, back in 1989, Capcom released a much beloved action arcade game known as Strider.

Published: Mon, 02/24/2014 - 09:00

Outlast Review


You're in a pitch black corridor, with only the night vision mode of your camera to help you see, but suddenly you realize your power supply is running low.

Published: Fri, 02/07/2014 - 09:00

Most Anticipated Games of 2014: MGS V


This year features a lot of great, big name games coming out soon and we've already listed the reasons why we're excited for the likes of Destiny, Infamous: Second Son and Dragon Age: Inquisition b

Published: Tue, 01/21/2014 - 09:00

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 - Infamous: Second Son


2013 was a magnificent year for gaming featuring such strong titles like The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Published: Wed, 01/15/2014 - 09:00

Bioshock Infinite Review


Published: Thu, 01/09/2014 - 09:00

Knack Review


Knack was the very first PS4 game announced way back in February 2013 at the Playstation 4 announcement event and the reaction was that many people were somewhat underwhelmed.

Published: Wed, 01/08/2014 - 09:00

Recap - Hugh Thomas's Top 10 Games of 2013


For me personally, 2013 will be remembered as one of the best years in gaming.

Published: Fri, 12/27/2013 - 09:00

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Review


Published: Fri, 11/22/2013 - 10:00

Rocksmith 2014 Review


Published: Wed, 11/20/2013 - 09:00

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Review


Published: Fri, 11/15/2013 - 09:00

Batman: Arkham Origins Review


When it was announced that there was to be a new addition to the Arkham series which wasn’t being made by acclaimed developer Rocksteady, many fans including myself were skeptical.

Published: Thu, 11/14/2013 - 09:00