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Gareth Newnham

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A former newspaper reporter turned games journalist. Gareth hates talking about himself in the third person, but loves video games and still has hazy nostalgia for long summers of four-player GoldenEye, cheating his way through Mega Man 2, and spending far too much time bunking off school to play Metal Slug in a small seaside arcade on the south coast of England. 

When he's not ranting about how indie games are the future of the industry or insisting Sensible Soccer is still the best football game ever made, he's painting tiny men, women and aliens to join his ever-growing horde of ruthless capitalists and bug-worshipping cultists sticking it to the man in the 41st Millenium.   

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Lazarus stands next to his sister who is holding a light candelabra in her right hand

Last Days of Lazarus Review

At times, Last Days of Lazarus can leave you as bewildered as its protagonist. The path forward isn't always clear, and the stakes seem to double with every passing minute. Although it takes a serious turn at the halfway mark it's still worth slogging through til the end just to see its absolute head-scratcher of an ending.   

February 14, 2023 | 10:00 EST