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Benjamin Jeanotte

Hi, I'm Ben. I am a 35 year old gaming veteran. My first console was a Mattel Intellivision(released 1981, purchased 1983) and I have owned at least one major console from every generation since. With thousands of titles behind me, I am a harsh and critical gamer who enjoys hating on games as much as loving them. — I am not just a writer for Techraptor, but a huge fan of it as well. You will probably see my comments on many articles, not just on MY articles, but others too. I look forward to having some glorious discussions and debates with you all.

Articles by Benjamin Jeanotte

E3 women featured image
Female Lead Characters Take Center Stage At E3 2015 — Progress or Problem?

Updated Editor's Note 11/7/2017 - In an effort to further commit to our editorial vision of quality content about nothing but games or the industry, we are leaving this note here to let you

noscope feature pic
NoScope Golem Gaming Glasses Review — Your eyes will thank you.

EA australia featured image
EA's New Refund Policy In Australia Implemented After Warnings From Consumer Commission

After warnings from the ACCC, (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) EA has agreed to change its refund policy in regards to games sold on its Origin platform.

shadowrun chronicles featured image
Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Just Released

Across many years and several different developers, the Shadowrun IP continues to receive love and attention.

space engineers says hi
Space Engineers Preview — Minecraft For Geniuses

Space Engineers is an Early Access title being developed by Keen Software House. Keen is responsible for developing a multitude of games with similar themes.

improbable technology site logo
Improbable Aims To Change The Paradigm For Online Gaming

Imagine you are exploring a remote mountain peak in the MMO of your choice. There is snow on the ground and you leave footprints in the powdery whiteness.