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Andrew is the Editor in Chief at TechRaptor. Conned into a love of gaming by Nintendo at a young age, Andrew has been chasing the dragon spawned by Super Mario World ever since, seeking out similar endorphin explosions he associates with holding a controller.

While working towards completing a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Portland, Andrew's interest in writing started to mingle with other hobbies. Andrew began his games writing journey in 2011, writing news and odd opinion pieces for outlets that have long since shuttered. Eventually, his path led him to TechRaptor, where he began as a Staff Writer and eventually became Editor in Chief, the title he still holds today.

At one point in time being Editor in Chief at TechRaptor meant editing, reviewing, and scheduling every article, except news, published on the site. Thankfully, TechRaptor has been beyond fortunate enough to find amazing staff, editors, and managers to give each section the attention it deserves. He is continually astounded by the people he has come to know and what they've accomplished both at TechRaptor and places they've moved on to. The people in games -- those that write about them and those that make them -- are the most rewarding part of the job, and Andrew can't wait to see in-person events like PAX return to what they once were.

Less about the minutiae of the day to day, Andrew's role as Editor in Chief has evolved into being more managerial and he spends a lot of time thinking about the future of TechRaptor. TechRaptor continues to grow and he can't wait to see what more the team can accomplish as our audience and resources expand.

Aside from gaming, Andrew is an avid reader, watches too many movies, and stares longingly at the purple Kool-Aid's promise of a sweet release from life (the pact is on hold currently) as a Minnesota Vikings fan.

Favorite games:

  • Warcraft III
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Disco Elysium
  • Dynasty Warriors 4

Favorite genres:

  • RPG
  • Roguey Woguey
  • Action Adventure

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