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Alec Blouin

Staff Writer

I'm a Native Alaskan transgender army brat who has lived and worked 9 jobs in 12 states. On my spare time I play all things strategy, watch way too many movies, and follow random stray cats at 2am.

Articles by Alec Blouin

Overgrowth Review Header
Overgrowth Review - The Floor is Lava

Back in 2005, a little game called Lugaru released. It was classically early 2000s story material with the graphics of a late 90s game.

X-Morph Defense Review Header
X-Morph: Defense Review - There Goes the Neighborhood

I remember being entranced at a young age by building destruction animations in early RTS titles.

Project Remedium Review Header
Project Remedium Review - Fighting the Sniffles

The number of interpretations of what it would be like to climb inside the human body on a microscopic scale are endless.

Travel Oregon Screenshot
Oregon Trail Comes to the Modern Day With Travel Oregon Game

Travel Oregon, the face of the Oregon Tourism Commision, has released a licensed tribute to the original Oregon Trail video game.

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Review Header
XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Review - Three's Company

The problem with coming out with an expansion as large as XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is that it can overshadow the base game.

Tooth and Tail Review Header
Tooth and Tail Review - Fur and Loathing

There's a story, possibly just a legend by now, of a time when a real-time strategy game was ridiculously popular on a console release.

Oriental Empires Review Header
Oriental Empires Review - Art and War

Oriental Empires immediately captured my eye.

All Walls Must Fall Early Access Preview Header
All Walls Must Fall Early Access Impressions - The Club Can't Even Handle Me

I can only imagine the boardroom at inbetweengames (a studio made up of 3 former YAGER veterans) during the development of All Walls Must Fall.

Endless Space 2 Review Header
Endless Space 2 Review - The Dust Must Flow

Upon first appearances, Endless Space 2 does not seem to make any new major strides in the 4X genre.

dawn of war 3 title
Dawn of War III Review - None Shall Find Us Wanting

The Space Marine has always filled a special spot in nearly every form of media.

Dawn of Andromeda title
Dawn of Andromeda Review - Hit The Snooze

It's difficult to fully understand what's wrong and what works regarding Dawn of Andromeda.

Diluvion title
Diluvion Review - The Ice Must Floe

When you think "post-apocalypse", most people think of a Mad Max-style world of ruin and cutthroat survival.