X Gonna Give It To Ya: Luke Skywalker

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X Gonna Give It To Ya: Luke Skywalker

August 15, 2014

By: Dalton Palmer


Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Miniatures game offers a wide variety of different ships and pilots, making it difficult for people to always know what to fly or how to combat them. This series will focus on giving you insight on how you can best use them to defeat your opponents. ‘X Gonna Give It To Ya’, focuses on the X-Wing and its pilots.


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ur next pilot in the series really doesn’t need an introduction, but he’s getting one anyway. Hailing from everyone’s desert planet, Luke Skywalker is very much the central character in the original series. When he’s not back home blasting womp rats, our boy Luke is fighting against his father and his asshole boss. He’s not only comfortable in a cockpit but competent, especially in his signature X-Wing fighter. To show that’s good but not great, he rocks a very respectable pilot skill of 8 to really illustrate he’s no slouch. His ability is an interesting one as it lets you turn a focus result to an evade for free on the defense. Sure, these aren’t the murder death shots that Wedge is capable of, but it’s a pretty neat defensive ability that is easy to shore up.



As mentioned before, my school of thought is to shore up weakness when building a squad. This means I typically would build Luke, a defensive pilot, very offensively. This isn’t necessarily the case, for with his ability we can build him to be a

[caption id="attachment_1270" align="alignleft" width="215"]While not the stud Wedge is, Luke is still serious business. While not the stud Wedge is, Luke is still serious business.[/caption]

tank and not lose out on much. His ability isn’t dependent on having any tokens or actions, so if our nerfherding hero is stressed we don’t really lose out on much as he can still evade as long as one focus is rolled. To complement this, we have the fact that the X-Wing is still a base attack 3, so even if we don’t focus on it’s damage output it has a good chance of denting your foes.


Prepare Your Fighters for Launch



Once again, as we start to think of squadrons with Luke the mantra of making offensive pilots with defensive builds and vice versa shines through. However, adding some extra protection to an already healthy ship is far from a bad idea. Much like Wedge before, I’m a huge fan of adding R2-D2 and a shield upgrade to Luke. To be fair, that combo is basically gravy with anyone who can take both those upgrades though.

To be fair, that combo is basically gravy with anyone who can take both those upgrades though.
Not Another 4X Build!
  • Luke Skywalker (28)
  • Swarm Tactics (2)
  • Jek Porkins (26)
  • Swarm Tactics (2)
  • Rookie Pilot (21)
  • Rookie PIlot (21)
I actually faced off against this list in a tournament recently and was very impressed with how it worked. The idea here doesn’t really capitalize on Luke’s ability, though it does allow him natural survivability. With this build you go off the fact that Luke and Porkins are both able to function well with their abilities and also are able to bring the rookies up to their high pilot skill, allowing you to keep a tight formation and get a lot of shots off early. A big issue with this squad is that you are giving up initiative very handily as your total is exactly 100.


Take It On The Chin, Defensive Luke

  • Luke Skywalker (28)
  • R2-D2 (4)
  • Shield Upgrade (4)
  • Draw Their Fire (1)

    [caption id="attachment_1271" align="alignright" width="194"]This guy is your best friend. Seriously, how cool is that? A robot best friend?! This guy is your best friend. Seriously, how cool is that? A robot best friend?![/caption]

  • Biggs Darklighter (25)
  • Shield Upgrade (4)
  • R2 Astromech (1)
  • Ten Numb (31)
  • Fire Control System (2)
This squad is all about telling your opponent where they’ll be shooting. Biggs’ ability forces your opponents to target him if able and Luke having Draw Their Fire will redirect crits coming your way. Having the shield upgrades will allow both of them to weather the storm, especially Luke thanks to R2-D2’s shield restoring. Ten Numb is there with the Fire Control Systems to allow them to gain target locks after shooting and generally be a major pain to your opponent as few ships can match the pure hurt offered by B-Wings. This list comes in at 100 as well, so you’re still probably giving up initiative.



Murder Death Kill, an Offensive Option

  • Wes Jansen (29)
  • Veteran Instincts (1)
  • Wedge Antilles (29)
  • Opportunist (4)
  • Luke Skywalker (28)
  • Wingman (2)
  • R2-D2 (4)
Dropping all pretense of being a safe list, this squad is there to put a lot of hurt on your opponent really fast. Wes will shoot first and shoot off any tokens they have and open up Wedge to use Opportunist while dropping their defense dice. Luke with Wingman will make sure Wedge is freed up to do so and not locked down by stress and R2-D2 is there as always to make sure Luke makes it home.


Things Vader Can’t Do (i.e. Stopping Luke For Good)


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce again, focus fire is a huge key for winning the battle versus young Skywalker. This itself is a bit tricky as there is currently no way to cancel his defense ability outside of certain critical hits, and building to fish for criticals isn’t a safe way to play yet. Getting within range one and helping mitigate the two defense dice on the X-Wing will help, but also means you’re possibly open to a whopping four dice on a counterattack.


So where does this overall leave our young Jedi hero? His pilot skill of 8 and potent defense ability make it so this nerfherder isn’t going down easily any time soon. Much like Wedge, it makes sense for him to pilot an X-Wing as it’s all we ever see him in the movies and most of the Extended Universe/Legends series. His ability is as good as some defensive upgrades which alones makes him worth the 28 points you’ll pay to bring him. And as one can imagine, those will almost always be points well spent.

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