Utility: "The PC Decrapifier"


Utility: "The PC Decrapifier"

March 2, 2012

By: Rutledge Daugette


This is a great tool for PC Techs, or anyone buying a new PC.

You know all of the annoying, pointless, software that companies install on new PCs? You know how much time it takes to remove it all? Yeah, we all do! Well, there is tool that can be used for easy removal of the bloatware that can get installed on PCs...

The PC Decrapifier

Essentially, you install the software and it removes the software that you never want.
In their words : It is "designed to remove or uninstall a specific list of unwanted software in an unattended fashion. It can be used to clean off most of the annoying software that is typically shipped with new PCs."
Based on my own personal experience, it works great! But I would caution anyone using it on a PC that already has programs that you have installed, just because it may accidentally uninstall them. It works wonders on brand new PCs however.