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Unable to edit the hosts file

Are you unable to edit the hosts file in C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc ?

Does it say messages such as:

  • You don’t have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission. Would you like to save in My Documents folder instead?
  • Access to WindowsSystem32Driversetc hosts was denied
  • Cannot create the WindowsSystem32Driversetc hosts file. Make sure that the path and file name are correct.
Even though you ARE an administrator?

There is a way around this! Follow these steps.

Either press Start and browse to Accessories and then right click Command Prompt, or type "cmd" to have it come up after pressing Start on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and right click it to have the option of Run as Administrator. Once you have done that, follow these steps:

1. Type cd WindowsSystem32Driversetc and hit Enter

2. Type notepad hosts and hit Enter

You will then be able to make and save your changes to the host file without any issue!

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