Star Wars X-Wing Expansion Pack Announced

Rebel Aces Expansion Pack components

Star Wars X-Wing Expansion Pack Announced

March 19, 2014

By: Dalton Palmer


Star Wars is and hopefully always will be a cornerstone of pop culture. Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games announced a Star Wars X-Wing Expansion Pack for their wildly popular Miniatures Game in celebration of the importance of these fighter pilots. The backdrop of a galactic struggle between the horribly outnumbered Rebellion against the colossal and evil Galactic Empire is familiar to nearly everyone. The original Star Wars trilogy is filled with heroes and villains on both sides of the conflict, but if it weren't for the ace pilots of the Rebellion, there would have been no happy ending. 


Simply titled ‘Rebel Aces’, it includes two alternate paint scheme ships for the Rebellion: the hardy B-Wing fighter and the agile A-Wing fighter. This announcement was made on the release date of their most recent expansion, Imperial Aces. The two ships are painted the reflect some of the more important pilots they've had. The B-Wing is painted to reflect the colors of the famed Dagger Squadron and the A-Wing's scheme reflects the colors from its time as a prototype ship

Star Wars X-Wing Expansion Pack, Rebel Aces

Much like their counterpart release, Rebel Aces isn't just about cool paint schemes on ships you probably already have. Included with these spectacular minis will be various new upgrades and pilots. Rebel Aces will hopefully shift X-Wing's meta-game in a way similar to Imperial Aces; with a wealth of new options available to the Rebellion, now you won't be taking new ships and pilots every game. A new arsenal of upgrades will be in your hands, allowing you to tear through the swarm of TIE fighters your opponent so arrogantly assembled against you. Along with the upgrades and pilots, a new mission is shipping which will really highlight the strengths of the two ships. I think a lot of us can agree that a lesson on why we should and shouldn't run A-Wings is way overdue for Rebel players.


The announcement stated that the Star Wars X-Wing Expansion Pack, Rebel Aces, should be released in the third quarter of 2014 which almost certainly means at least a prerelease of the product will be at GenCon. While this is quite some time to wait if the past expansions have been any indication this should be well worth the wait. Until it's out, lock s-foils into attack position squad; we've got bogies incoming!