Take Back the Skies with Imperial Aces!

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Take Back the Skies with Imperial Aces!

April 23, 2014 11:28 AM

By: Dalton Palmer


This spring Fantasy Flight Games released Imperial Aces: their first dual ship expansion for X-wing. This expansion introduced a wealth of new options for Galactic Empire players ranging from new pilots to upgrades for their fighters. In the video below, we take our time to really tear in the box and give you a feel for what's inside.




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDd84qVsTMQ]




  • Fantasy Flight maintains their excellent craftsmanship of these various ships. Both the 181st and Royal Guard Interceptors are built and painted excellently.

  • All of the non-unique cards are here in duplicate so you have more.

  • The new pilots are both interesting and balanced and will hopefully help break the mold of the current metagame.





  • Beyond the new title, there are no upgrades new to the game in the box.

  • This isn’t something for Rebel purists to really bother with.


So there you have it; Imperial Aces isn’t a must for the Rebellion but it’s definitely worth the money and time of any Imperial player. The wealth of new pilots and upgrades available for the Interceptors do add a new level of ship customization as well. For more news on X-Wing and other great games, be sure to follow us at NerdyRaptor.net!

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