Set up a Windows 8 Start button on your machine

Windows 8 is still a fairly new Operating System, and while not a whole lot of people have switched over, the number of people starting to use it is definitely increasing. As with all new products however, there are those small things that you wish could be different. The Windows 8 Metro style is VERY different from its predecessor, Windows 7, taking a more tablet-styled approach to the Operating System. In my opinion, the OS is better suited for tablets and touch screen devices, not keyboard and mouse computers. The reasoning for that is the lack of a start button, which is the fastest way to get from program to program, without having to jump over to the Metro menu. Fortunately, adding a Windows 8 Start button is incredibly simple!

Windows 8 Start Menu

Add a Windows 8 Start Button to your machine with "Classic Shell"

Classic shell is a program that will allow you to add a Start button to your Windows 8 for free. It's really easy to set up and start using in no time at all!

Start off by going to the Classic Shell website and downloading the program on your Windows 8 machine. Follow the prompts to install the software until you reach "Custom Setup" and have four options: Classic Explorer, Classic Start Menu, Classic IE9, and Classic Shell Update. Unless you want the other three, you can click on the "hard drive" buttons to the left of each, and select "Entire Feature will be unavailable" (See below)


Windows 8 Start Button

After that, continue with the installation, and when it completes, you will see the all new start button on your taskbar! Classic Shell will also pop up, asking what style of menu you would like to use. You can select between Windows Classic, Windows XP, or Windows Vista/7 Menu styles. After that, you're all done! If you'd like to see how to do it in video form, or just want to see what the button looks like, check out the video below.


No one knows why Microsoft didn't include the option for a Start Button when Windows 8 released in October of 2012, but until they do (possibly a service pack in the future), Classic Shell works perfectly.