Reduce Eye Strain From Your Computer Screen With f.lux

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Reduce Eye Strain From Your Computer Screen With f.lux

February 28, 2014

By: Seth Kellen


If you’re anything like me, your eyes spend a lot of time baking in front of some sort of brightly lit screen. While “frying your eyes”  isn’t an actual thing that can happen, the strain I feel after a long night of computer activity feels real enough. A program called f.lux works to alleviate that.

The premise is simple enough. After a quick install, f.lux auto-detects the computer’s location, and sets sunset time accordingly. The reasoning is f.lux adjusts the colors displayed on screen depending on the time of day. During daytime, when natural light is presumably shining through the windows, everything looks normal. Once the sun goes down, the harsh white glare of the screen goes to work on the eyes. f.lux claims the glare can affect quality of sleep, and even alter how late one stays up. With f.lux installed, it works to fix these problems.

When it becomes dark out, the color switch warms up the colors being displayed, drenching the monitor in orange and yellow. The result is jarring, to say the least. You probably won’t like it right away.


Which is fine! f.lux works with that.

A slider exists to increase or decrease this effect. It’s something that the eyes need to get used to, according to the application. It’s an extremely customizable tool, and it can be tuned to what seems right for you.

After a few nights of usage, the transition from desk to bed feels a lot less jarring. Though it can be a little bothersome to switch it on and off for the times I’m watching Netflix or using some color-dependant application, I’ll work around that if it means it’ll ease the light burning sensation I’ve gotten used to after all these years.

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