Ninite - install multiple programs with the click of a button

I recently came across another tool that has saved me a ton of time, and headaches, on deploying software to new, refreshed, and current PCs. Essentially what Ninite is, is a micro installer with programs that you choose inside. Select the programs you want from and download the installer. When you run it, it does all of the installing for you, no further watching or clicking necessary!

With the click of a button, you can install Antivirus, WinRAR, Adobe Programs, and more!

And for Network Admins, they now offer a network installer that pushed the programs across all PCs. You know those pain-in-the-ass Adobe Updates? With the network installer, it will suppress those "messages" and install the updates automatically! This is a part of Ninite Pro.

For details on the programs you can install, go to this page


For details on the Pro Version, go to this page

I highly recommend using this program, and can verify that no spam or bloatware will be installed.