GenCon 2014 - Sentinels of the Multiverse with Christopher Badell

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GenCon 2014 - Sentinels of the Multiverse with Christopher Badell

September 12, 2014

By: Dalton Palmer


Greater Than Games has a rich library of cooperative games and has recently gone into the realm of competitive with their game Sentinels Tactics. Sentinels Tactics blew their Kickstarter goals out of the water with it’s recent successful campaign. This game offers a sense of team competitive play by holding onto that feeling of really being a team of super heroes you felt in the Multiverse card game while introducing the competitive play that comes from throwing villains into the mix. Teams of heroes and villains face-off in a super powered throw down pitting one villain against a whole team of heroes.


During our interview with lead designer Christopher Badell, we gleaned a lot of the ideas behind this series that in itself is a love letter to the comic books we all love. On top of that, we heard a little bit about the comic books in the future of the series. Greater Than Games also plans to launch a series of tournaments for Sentinels Tactics and truly embrace a competitive scene for this game as they continue to flesh out everyone’s favorite Sentinels characters.

Also mentioned was quite a bit of info for their recent preorder campaign for the next expansion in the Sentinels card game; Wrath of the Cosmos. Christopher was also happy to mention their upcoming foray into a digital front as the base set of Sentinels of the Multiverse will be available as a video game for iPad and Android tablets.


Stepping away from Sentinels for just a moment, Badell gave us some info about an upcoming title: “Spirit Island”, where players will play as awakened spirits fighting against the development of their island and the board will try to develop the city as it goes in this interesting take on the worker placement game.

It’s a very exciting time to be Greater Than Games, but it’s even more exciting to be a player of their games. With a few expansions left for Sentinels of the Multiverse and a whole wealth of future options for Sentinels Tactics, as well as several other IPs coming out, there is hardly anywhere left for this company to go but up it seems.


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