Gen Con 2014 Spotlight: Floodgate Games



Gen Con 2014 Spotlight: Floodgate Games

August 12, 2014

By: Rutledge Daugette


Floodgate Games is a board game publisher based in Minneapolis that will be attending Gencon this year to promote Epic Resort. They’ve had a highly successful campaign getting funded on Kickstarter allowing them to release their flagship game Legacy: Gears of Time. Since then, they’ve released King of Clubs and the expansion to Legacy: Forbidden Machines. We got an opportunity at Indy PopCon to sit down with Ben Harkins, one of the masterminds behind Floodgate, where he tells us a little bit about the company, Legacy and their upcoming game Epic Resort.

Floodgate Games is probably most well known for their game Legacy: Gears of Time. Legacy is a strategic card game of time travel and technology. Players take the role of a time traveller moving back in time to establish technologies and discover the fundamental pieces that allow them to be invented.

The aim of the game is to be the player with the most influence at the end. Each player has a hand of cards that they get from drawing out of a communal deck. The deck consists of the various technologies you can play in order to gain influence. There are four rounds in the game and each player gets four turns in a round. In the first stage of the game, each player travels backwards in time and plays cards from their hands to introduce new tech to the timeline. In the second stage, players vie for control of those technologies played in order to take control of them and gain the influence created by them. The changing landscape of the board provided by the game’s mechanics allows for a wealth of replayability.


Epic-Resort-Logo-RGBFloodgate will be releasing their latest game, Epic Resort at Gencon this year.  Epic Resort is a combination worker placement and deck building game where you control a resort attempting to attract heroes and tourists. The more people you attract the more monsters are attracted to eat them up. Your job is to create the most successful resort while dealing with the encroaching villains.

If any of these Floodgate Games titles sound awesome to you make sure to check the out Gencon this year, at, and follow them on facebook and twitter!

You can check out our review on Legacy: Gears of Time and we’ll also be take a closer look at Epic Resort when it’s released. So make sure to check back to NerdyRaptor for more info on Floodgate Games!

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