Fantasy Flight In-Flight Presentation GenCon 2014!

Every year at GenCon, Fantasy Flight Games has their "In-Flight Presentation" to show off things how they are doing and to give us a sneak peek of all the goodies to come in the future. This year was no different, but we were there and managed to cover the entire affair.

This isn't actually all that big of a surprise, but still interesting to hear.

New Descent options are always welcome and they seem to be a constant. There is no denying the excitement behind this.

Android is a huge line of products for FFG, and the Netrunner line has consistently been their strongest contender in that line up. The deluxe expansions that are released are almost always game changers, so this news is of course big for the state of the game.

The Mountains of Madness is an iconic piece of Lovecraftian horror that has seen little to no love in a lot of the Cthulhu inspired games. Eldritch Horror is the perfect catalyst for this addition as it is the first from FFG to focus on the world rather than one location or region.

Fans of the Lord of the Rings LCG will be excited to see this divergence from the current game as it will let you see the story from multiple perspectives as well as open up new design space for the game. Plus, when it comes to kings, few kick as much orc butt as Aragorn.

The finale of the books fleshing out the Star Wars RPG, this release explores Jedi and Sith as the other books have barely touched on this. This was the third big archetype for characters in the Star Wars RPG and they made sure to not scrimp out on the detail for them.

FFG mentioned people kept asking where the love for Battlelore was. Well, this is quite the answer to that. A whole new mess of content for both the board game and an upcoming video game, it's time to march to war once more.
 I mean, it's not surprising. If it is surprising, you clearly haven't played it.

Not to brush the excitement that is a Wave 5 release date under the rug, but a new faction?! All those classic ships! Prince Xizor's gonna be in the game so I can blast him with my main man Dash! Fantasy Flight, we spoke and you listened! All of these ships are beautifully sculpted and painted with amazing detail. Plus, rules to bring Boba Fett on home? Scum and Villainy is a big deal for all of Star Wars, and now it's taking flight in X-Wing.

So that X-Wing hype? Nearly shadowed by this. That amount of content coming out of the gate for Armada is massive! The models are so well done it's insane and they are able to better maintain a scale for starships in this game. It's a wonderful time to be a Star Wars gamer or really a gamer in general.

We got to sit down and play this at GenCon and nearly all of us agreed it was something we wish had been for sale on the spot. A very solid game and a great adaptation of the world setting.

Oh and as they were drawing things to a close, we get shown this. A Descent style of Star Wars game that will receive competitive rules and game night support? Be still my beating heart, unless it's beating for Fantasy Flight.


As we look upon the multitude of announcements from the In-Flight alone, it's hard not to be excited for this company and its products. A few other things were mentioned such as the announcement of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, but as it wasn't brand new we didn't live tweet it. I also failed to tweet the announcement of X-Wing: Mission Command the upcoming free squad builder from FFG/ They also mentioned that this wasn't all the new and upcoming product and asked us to not worry over anything not being mentioned as they only had so much time. They went on to mention how this wasn't necessarily a listing in order of importance or anything being left out being deemed unimportant, so there is no need to fret for any of us.


UPDATE: Here is a video of our thoughts afterwards.

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