Excellent Anti-Virus for Free

Need anti-virus? Cheap? Check out "Avast!"

Avast! is a free and lightweight antivirus protection software, that works fantastic and boasts: "avast! Free Antivirus is the best virus and spyware protection available." Avast! Boasts over 130 million users worldwide and has recently been rated the fastest scanning anti-virus in the world at 16.3 MB/S (Next was McAfee with 11.2 MB/s).


In terms of its use, avast! is free and highly secure, only asking that you register it once a year for the free version. It is constantly on and making sure that you are safe, but only using a VERY small portion of your computer's memory. Should you stumble upon a site that has cookies or files that will harm your PC, avast! will immediately pop up with a warning, blocking the page and informing you of the risk. It also does a great job with programs, allowing programs that could be dangerous to be run in a sandbox mode, allowing you to run it without risk to your PC!

Avast Software Updater

It works great, and its always fun to chime in when a window pops up and you hear the voice say "avast! Virus Database has been Updated!" But if you don't like seeing any of the popups, you are easily able to set them to Zero Seconds in the settings, and they will never bother you again.

My personal rating would be a 5/5 due to ease of use and how well it protects my PC. (I have been using the program for 4 years without a virus). If you are already using a free version of another software, or looking at switching to a free anti-virus, you should really think about installing avast! on your PC.

Visit Avast!'s main website at http://www.avast.com/free-antivirus-download

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