Credential Manager comes up at login screen instead of Windows Login

When you boot up your PC, is Credential Manager coming up instead of Windows Login?

Do you have an HP Laptop or Desktop? If so, that is the cause of this problem, BUT it is a very simple fix.

In order to stop having Credential Manager pop up at login, follow these steps:

Procedure 1:

1. Click Start, then control panel.

2. Click the HP ProtectTools Security Manager and then Credential Manager.

3. Inside of this, there is a box you can check that says "Use Credential Manager to logon".

4. Uncheck the box, click OK, and reboot your PC.

Procedure 2:

1. Click Start, then control panel.

2. Click Programs and Features, then Credential Manager and Uninstall

3. Reboot your computer, and then you will be back to using Windows Login

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