Can W3SVC1 log files be deleted? Yes.

I recently came across an issue with a few of our servers where they were running out of space, with no real apparent reason. I performed a disc scan, and found about 30 GIGAGBYTES in W3SVC1 log files on the server, and not knowing what they were really used for, looked into them. I was wondering, can W3SVC1 log files be deleted? These log files are part of the SBS server, and yes, they can be deleted. Here's how to delete them, and have them delete automatically every week.


Step 1: Go to your W3SVC1 Log File folder, under 

Step 2: Delete ALL log files except the last 7 days, just to be safe.

Step 3: Open up Command Prompt (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt)

Step 4: Run the following command to have the log files deleted every Sunday at 12:00 AM (this can be changed if you'd like):

at 12:00 /EVERY:Su Forfiles.exe -p C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1 -m *.log -d -30 -c "Cmd.exe /C del @path"
Step 5: Don't worry about disc space being eaten up by logs.
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