Adobe crashes when printing


Adobe crashes when printing

August 20, 2012

By: Rutledge Daugette


When you select "Print" in Adobe Reader X (and previous versions), does it become unresponsive, and then crash? This is likely due to a recent issue with the program. (As of this time, 10.1.4)

There are two ways to fix this issue, depending on the below scenarios:


1) You are below version 10.1.3 (To check this, Open Adobe Reader and select "About Adobe Reader..." in the help menu. Version will be in the bottom left corner.)

- If this is the case, go here and install the most Recent Version (Will Overwrite)


2) You have the latest version, which is Listed Here

- If this is the case, Open Adobe Reader and select "Repair Adobe Reader Installation" and repair your installation.


-If that does not work, uninstall all versions of Adobe you have (Start->Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features) and then Install the newest version of Adobe: see above.