5 Useful Tools for Working Remotely

5 tools for working remotely


5 Useful Tools for Working Remotely

September 27, 2015

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Thanks to technology, any workaholic can take his work anywhere with him. They do not need to be boxed in the office 24 hours a day to finish whatever deadline they have to accomplish. They can be in the comforts of their living room couch and still labor away.

Technology has also helped make working a lot more convenient and flexible for people. It has helped mothers take care of their kids while still having a full-time job by working from home. Those who dislike being restrained by an office setting now have the option to work remotely. They can all do these thanks to the innovations our current technology provides.

You may be a freelancer gallivanting from one island to another, or a team composed of individuals working remotely from different states, but these tools can definitely come in handy when you aim to be productive and collaborative:

1. Mural.ly

For teams working together, Mural.ly can help with the brainstorming and idea mapping of your teams. Think of it as a huge whiteboard where you can bounce off ideas with photos, YouTube videos, sticky notes, and even Microsoft Office documents. It’s not just for teams either, because any individual worker can also use it to visually organize their thoughts.

2. VPS

Interconnect with servers wherever you are with a virtual private server. No matter your location, a VPS can help you backup valuable data and safely retrieve necessary data from servers located elsewhere. With various VPS solutions online, this can be used via mobile or desktop—a convenience for anyone who also enjoys working on their smartphones.

3. Work +

Widen the number of places you can work in with Work+. It’s an app that helps users locate areas where they can easily access WiFi, a feature that’s useful when your Internet connection fails you all the time. It’s not just WiFi either. Just tell the app what you need to get your work done, and it’ll find the ideal place for you. This makes working somewhere relaxing like a café or a park possible.

4. Cloud-Based Sharing Device

Make sharing documents easy by using any form of cloud-based document sharing device. Be it Google Docs or Dropbox, your co-workers and employers will find working with you more accessible when you manage to easily share important files with them.

5. Teamviewer

Another great collaborative tool is Teamviewer. With this tool, you can share screens with your teammates, making it easy to hold meetings and to start brainstorming. Easily show files and share ideas with this tool. It will almost feel like you’re back in the office!


With an abundance of tools available today to make working remote possible, the only thing that poses as a challenge is how to stay disciplined when you’re out of the office. With no scrutinizing eyes watching your every move, it’ll be easy to slack off instead of focusing on the job at hand.

These tools are all helpful, but it will all be futile if you do not have the discipline to pull it off. When working remotely, make sure to arm yourselves with the best tools technology has to offer and a resilient mind to make it work.

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