Taco Bell 6.0

09/30/2014 - 11:00 | By: Tabitha Dickerson

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As of February 10, the well known American chain of fast rood restaurants Taco Bell have decided to integrate with the future of technology. Well known as the destination for tacos and burritos, Taco Bell have announced that the company is nearly finished developing an application that will allow ordering of food via mobile. The main application seems to be takeaway but the app can likely also shorten wait times for customers eating in. When they arrive at the selected Taco Bell location they are given the option of walking up to the cashier to pick up their order, or using the drive through.  The development for the application in question has been in process for roughly two and a half years.

Taco Bells new tech seems to be proving rather useful in a controlled beta test within five locations of Orange County. Jeff Jenkins,  Head of concept and Co-founder of U.S. Taco Co, who  is now Director of Marketing  for Taco Bell's Irvine branch (CA) had this to say. “With the popularity of millennials and smart phones, we saw this coming, and decided to build the ground work a couple of years ago for mobile. Mobile is going to be the biggest sort of innovator, shake-up in the quick service industry since the drive-thru.”




Taco Bell's app, still in it's beta will apparently save the information on your phone about your latest order. The reason it does this is so it is able to repeat those orders back at a later time to the establishment location. The app seems to work off location and will track the distance from the selected store via global positioning satellite. It then sends an alert to the employees of the Taco Bell location, signalling them to start preparing the customers food. This alert will trigger once the customer is within a few minutes of them. Assuming that the application will work, the food should be happily ready to go once you're on their doorstep. This will reduce awkward wait times of fifteen minutes or more before pickup so the food should be the correct temperature and won't take longer than the preparation time to grab due to poor traffic.

It seems that this application is being rolled out by Taco Bell with a view to revolutionize the way we order fast food. If it functions as they describe it will it will be a great boon to the company and possibly industry. Companies like Burger King, Fentucky Fried Chicken, and McDonalds will likely follow suit. It seems efficient, clean, and less stressful than people being hurried to choose from the drive-thru menu and it will limit long wait times. Moments like these truly do make one aware of the age in which we live, where every man and his dog practically owns a smartphone. It's awe-inspiring stuff. The app which currently has no name will apparently be available to the rest of the public on the 10th October. Hopefully this rumor is true for those in the US. Sadly we don't have Taco Bell "downunda", but I'm sure this idea will catch on fast through the industry


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