HipShotDot Review: I finally feel like a real gamer

02/04/2014 - 09:00 | By: JR Moore

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When I saw the HipShotDot by AirDrop Gaming, I can't lie. It piqued my interest. I love to play First Person Shooters with my friends and I'm always one of the worst players on there. On Call of Duty: Ghosts, I'm rocking a .5 K/D ratio so as you can see, I'm mostly fodder for the team. One of my biggest problems when I play is that it always just seems that people beat me to the punch when shooting. I'm the type that never liked to hip fire because it just sprays everywhere so i'm a sight type of person. I would go through my normal progression of sights. First you start with whatever the gun starts with, then once you earned enough, you would rock the red dot. Then the cool shooter problems came. I would like using the red dot, but then I would still be shot from the people at long distance. So then I would choose the ACOG scope. I would improve my distance shooting, but then be shot by the person running through the door right next to me. I would try the variable scopes but I would somehow flip the controller out of my hand trying to switch from one to another, or I would spend more time trying to figure out which sight I was on than I would actually shooting someone. So when I caught wind of this device that would sit on my TV and give me a close up sight, I thought it would be cool to check out.



The HipShotDot is a gaming accessory that will give you and advantage of having a red dot always there for you on the screen. It plugs into any USB attachment (either on your console or a 5v USB plug) and with the two suction cups, connects to your screen.


The HipShotDot is universal. It can work with any gaming system any game. It will increase reaction time by giving you a point of reference for any sight. It give you a hip firing reference as well as where your sight will be once you aim down it.

The setup is real simple. You plug it in, aim down your sight, and stick it to where your sight it. Simple as that. There are two suction cups that are attached to a thin line. One is the sight itself, another is the tension cup that helps keep the line straight and keeps the pressure off of the LED light. It worked real nice for me. I didn't need to press hard on my TV, because no one wants to do that. Once they attached on they didn't come off until I took them off.


Just plug it in....align...and you're ready to go!!

I saw a video of someone using this product, and it looked like they could really care less about it. I, on the other hand, am going to go super nerdy with this and do some testing. But first let me clarify some things about the HipShotDot:
  • It will not make you lazer perfect with hip firing. The problem isn't the accessory, it's the game. One of our testers got frustrated with it because they thought you could get a gun, add on a scope to max out it's accuracy and then hip fire away with it. That's not how the games are made. The games are made so that when you look down the sight you get the accuracy bonus. You aren't going to get a sniper rifle and be able to hip shoot it and kill someone across the screen.
  • It works much better on a big screen, the bigger the better. I was going to test this on a 20" computer monitor but I noticed that the dot was very distracting. I put it on my 42" television and while sitting about 10' away it was not a distraction at all. Even the thin power cable for the LED blended in.
  • Yes, your HipShotDot may fall off of your screen, but it's probably your fault. I along with everyone else who cares about technology will not willingly push really hard on a screen to get something to stick. It's a fact of life, just suck it up and place it back on the screen. The suction cups work real well, and if you do not know how to work a suction cup...there's no real hope for you.
On to the testing!

I will be using the same character, with the same outfit for this test:

I used a Honey Badger with Armor Piercing Bullets and an ACOG Scope. For my perks I used Dead Silence, SitRep, Amplify, Resistance, and Steady Aim. I chose to not run any kill streaks as it could skew the data.

I will be playing Call of Duty: Ghosts online in one of the toughest, but fair, matches online...Hardcore Team Deathmatch. This will help with making sure the shots are accurate and won't have to worry about multiple shots.

I will play 10 matches. 5 will be without a HipShotDot, and 5 without. I will see which ones I have a better K/D ratio with. Since they decided to take out the accuracy stats for COD:G, I cannot show you how accurate I will be with my guns. Needless to say with a .5 K/D, I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty either way.

W/O HipShotDot K/D Ratio W/ HipShotDot K/D Ratio
6-13 0.46 11-11 1.00
7-13 0.54 10-12 0.83
18-14 1.29 12-5 2.40
11-7 1.57 8-12 0.67
7-17 0.41 4-5 0.80
49-64 0.76 45-45 1.00


It may look small in numbers, but there was a big difference. Every now and then even the worse players can get on a hot streak, so I call the two positive games without a hoax. But still I was more consistent with the HSD. With the HSD, that was the first time that I have ever had a 2.0+ K/D ratio. Ever.

Numbers aside I really liked using the HipShotDot. I'm normally a Red Dot sight user but I could never dial it in for the long shots. Being able to use the ACOG Scope to give me the distance and then the Red Dot for the up close. Once the small cable blended in (which took maybe the first 30 seconds of the game) it worked seamlessly. I was able to hip fire the Honey Badger better with the HSDot to get the real close shots.   I would say it works amazingly! I finally felt like a real gamer playing these games, and was able to keep up with the good guys versus just being cannon fodder for everyone else.

The only issue I have is the price tag. The HipShotDot goes for $29.99 on their site. With it being the cost of half of the games you just have to weigh the cost of being good. Being a father of 2 amazingly busy kids, most of my social time is with my online gaming buddies. I'm normally the cannon fodder and the one that is losing the strategy games for us. With the HipDotShot, that changed the way the game went. I wasn't the last one out. It did help me and I even got to make the big plays. Will this product help everyone...prolly not. Will it help the casual gamer play with everyone else. We think so!

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