Heroes of Loot Review


Heroes of Loot Review

August 19, 2018

By: JR Moore


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I know, I know....It's Monday. You have a case of the Mondays. People tell you it sucks because it's Monday. You just want some relaxation to ease into your new work week. You want a quick way to get away from the work week and you just got there? How about a quick game that will make you work for your next break? This past week I stumbled on to a game published by OrangePixel called Heroes of Loot. Keep reading to see if you would agree that this game will wish you could have even more free time.



Heroes of Loot is a dungeon crawler with an 8-bit feel that is amazingly fun. The game randomly generates dungeons that you blow through and gather...you guess it, loot. And lots of it. You don't need to worry about upgrading skill trees and choosing different weapon types, ain't nobody got time for that! It upgrades for you and you go and get loot!



This crawler lets you play one of four different characters: an elf, a warrior, a wizard, or a valkyrie. All play just enough differently that you will want to play them all. Once your pick your character you get into that dungeon and do what you do best, blow everything up that is in your way. It has the feel of a dual stick shooter with the dynamic controls to move, but it does only have a one button shot. You don't control where you attack, but it does work pretty well on figuring out who to shoot.

The dungeons are randomly generated so theres no way to go through by memory, you just grind through. Each level will have either a shop to buy something in or a quest. The quests are also randomly generated, so you won't know what you have to do, or what you will get. There are secret rooms that give you even more stuffs, and they aren't the easiest to find. You will pick up different runes as well that will increase your magic abilities for a small time.

The dungeons get harder and harder with every dungeon passed and it increases the level of difficulty. You don't get frustrated with it being tougher, it becomes more fun. Different characters add a different look and feel to the dungeons, keeping you on your toes. It does make for a nice pick up game.

The best part about this game for those quick parts is that if your don't die/finish the level, it will save where you are at in it at the pause screen...if you can get it to activate.


There are also achievements and leaderboards through Google Games. A ProTip- make sure you start with you signed in, if not. you won't get any of the achievements until you reset the game.


If you have a problem with the 8-bit look, then this isn't your game. This game is pretty...very pretty. The 8 bit graphics art just work.  They are very smooth, especially if you think of how many things are on the screen at the same time. I didn't get any stuttering on my Galaxy S3 or the 10.1 Note. It's like butter. It picked up very well when you moved your finger to a different spot for the dynamic control.


This game was fun from the get go. It's very easy to pick up and play. It's one of those games that's like nerd crack, you'll start playing for a little while, but then you'll get the itch of wanting to play more. Soon you will find yourself taking an 'extended'  breaks to see how many levels you can grind through in one sitting. The graphics will take you back to the good old days but it will play right up there with all of the newest dual stick shooter. The only problems that I had with this game was that the pause button was tough to tap and that I did wish that you could control where you shot. I would say that would be a problem, but it does auto shoot pretty well, but I did have some issues with it targeting the wrong creature.

I'm warning you, if you download this game...you will not be able to put it down. It's a great way to take away the Monday blahs, and will add to the anxiety of the weekend.

Heroes of Loot does have a Free Version and a Paid Version. It's well worth the $1.99 price but if you want to be a little cheap, the ads do not get in the way of the game.