Google just updated their YouTube app and it's damn sexy

08/20/2013 - 08:38 | By: JR Moore

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You should see an update rolling in for your YouTube app in Google Play and you should be excited about it. Google is pushing out their update to their YouTube app with an overhauled UI and multitasking. You heard that right, multitasking.





 The new UI falls in with the 'cards' design that Google has been making universal, like the new Maps interface for example, and boy it fits YouTube good. Using swipe gestures opens the subscriptions and the other information that normally sits on the sidebar. The Menu button still has the usual settings and such, but the look and the feel of it is more fluid. The video screen now looks like it fell out of Google Now, but nothing is swipeable there...except the video itself. Swipe down on it and you get the newest feature. It will shrink the screen into the bottom corners so you can start looking for your next video. You have full search features and they are even if you swipe the video back up, you don't lose what you are doing in the background. When you are ready for your next video, just swipe it down and tap it, and it works like a charm. Bored with that video while you're searching? Just swipe it away to the left or right and *poof* it's gone. It still works in fullscreen mode, you just may need to hit the down arrow in the corner.

This update is welcomed update to YouTube. It keeps it right up there on the edge with the other Google apps. It's downright sexy, the multitasking works fluidly and it doesn't effect the playback at all on the devices that I've tried it on. If you haven't seen the update yet, just hold on tight it should be there by the weekend. If you can't wait, there is a leaked apk out there in the usual places.

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