A Gamer's Curse

03/11/2014 - 09:00 | By: TechRaptor Staff

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You sit staring into the infinite number of games at your disposal. You feel the sting of sweat in your eyes and feel dread creeping into the pit of your stomach. You realize that none of the games before you look appealing. Several times you’ve taken your favorite game off the shelf only to put it back realizing you’ve beaten it fifteen times already. Thinking back to when your last paycheck was you come to the conclusion that you don’t have enough money to purchase a new game. You are stuck, trapped in a zone that may exist between time and space. You feel like you’ve entered your own version of the Twilight Zone.

But unlike the famous TV series there is hope for you. While your favorite games may seem dissatisfying there may be some games deep within the piles of games you own that you thought were great. It’s time to dig deep into that pile and relearn the buttons of those great games! Of course they aren’t your favorite, or didn’t have the most compelling story line but it is a game to defeat the horrible gamer’s curse that you’ve acquired. Start the game over and overdo it. Put it on the hardest setting that you can bare and beat the heck out of that game. Search every nook and cranny, try different routes, weapons, character settings, cars, or whatever the game offers. Try to get off your normal well worn path and take a leap of faith.


For those of you that have the money to go out and buy a game try something that you haven’t heard of. Do the proper research of course to make sure you aren’t wasting your money but really try to step out of your comfort zone. Who knows, it may become one of your new favorites and defeat the boredom that has been encroaching on your gaming days. Many people probably have done this and think that this is the simplest and the stupidest advice you’ve ever seen but truly, how many times have you been stuck trying to figure out what to play? It happens so much more than us gamers believe.

To this day this curse still haunts the greatest gamers. You may not believe it, but just ask the thousands of casual gamers that experience it every day. Know that if you experience the symptoms discussed in the beginning, it is time for you to run to your gaming shelf to save yourself before it’s too late. Only you have the power to defeat the horrible doldrums that plague the world of gamers. If you have already used this knowledge before this article then you are a strong soul but if not here is your manual on how to beat the curse.

[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]About the Author - Kyle Deck hopes to pursue a career in concept ideas for game companies and help make some kick butt games. But until then he's here to bring you some equally kick butt reviews! Find him on twitter - @KyleDeck[/box]

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