Fodderp: Castle Defense Review

07/22/2013 - 09:00 | By: JR Moore

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Castle Defense games are always fun to play. Fodderp: Castle Defense does not disappoint. Euclidean Studios brings a nice twist on the castle defense games with an RPG element and a massive connectivity of multiplayer. Lets go hands-on with the game.


Fodderp: Castle Defense is a strategy castle defense game stuffed with RPG elements and exciting social combat. You get to set up your castle and their buildings. Once you're ready to battle you get to place your cannons and other buildings where you like, and then you go and destroy your enemies. Using  the resources that your acquire in your camp, you get to upgrade your cannons, soldiers, and buildings to just get bigger and badder. Then you take this party on the road.

The main focus of Fodderp is their multiplayer. Once connected to their server you can play either a ranked or normal match in which you can see all the different ways people play.


Fodderp is a tower defense game with an attack strategy. You must defend your castle from the attacking party by use of your attacking party, cannons, and defense buildings. Those same cannons and attacking units will be used to try to destroy their castle first. You utilize your village to gather resources to upgrade your units and buildings to be able to battle stronger enemies.

The tutorial will give you the very basic walk through of how to setup and attack, then it will show you the village. This is where you you will build up your defenses and cannons. You will need this. This will also show you the amazing level of difficulty shift of this game. Acquiring your resources is much easier than getting to the advanced buildings. Gathering resources and gaining items from multiplayer will help you conquer the advanced buildings for you to use.



This is the bread and butter of the game. Finding a game is surprisingly easy. If you do not find a game in the first 5 seconds, expand your search and you will in the next 5. There are multiple levels that you can play. You can play either a normal match or a ranked one . You can see how good you are there. You can join up in a clan, team up with friends and even win contests for real-world prizes. This is the bread and butter of the game. Playing against other people is where the fun is at. It's always different players with different strategies.  In the village you can also change your colors to personalize what flag you will be waving in their face.


The graphics on this game are very nice. The animations are smooth and when they fight, they actually look like they are swinging at sword, pike, or lobbing their grenades. The bosses are scaled nicely so you know you're getting a treasure chest after beating them. That being said, I did have it glitch out on my phone every once in a while. Words would not show up, and it was unreadable on the screen. But this did not happen during gameplay, it was mainly in the village or setting up a battle.



Like any other game there are bound to be glitches. Fodderp is no exception. The difference is the glitches that I encountered weren't game ending. There was the lettering like I talked about above, and then on occasion you would have this random tutorial hand telling you to swipe someplace where there wasn't anything to swipe at. Other than that the programming is excellent.

One thing I do have some issues is with the always on server. It's not that you have to be connected, that's a mild annoyance. But if were connected I would like to see some game transferability. I have both my tablet and my phone. I started the review on my phone, but wanted to move to the tablet, since I have a username pretty easy right? Not so much. It looks like as of right now, once you're on the device you have to stay on that device.


Fodderp: Castle Defense is a awesome castle defense game. It's a little slow to start out, and if you haven't played a game like this before it will be a little tough going at first. Once you get the basics and hop into multiplayer, you will not be able to put it down. You will check in every day so that you can upgrade your units and kick some butt online against other people. It may be a little glitchy, but the devs are very active and are updating normally so i'm sure the bugs will be squashed.

You can get Fodderp: Castle Defense in your iTunes App Store or Google Play Store

Rating: 90%

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