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Nutaku Versus Tales X Pre-Registration cover

Versus Tales X Pre-Registration Gets You Ready for Naughty Fairy Tales

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku is spinning up a lot of free-to-play games lately and yet another one is on deck: the Versus Tales X pre-r
Nutaku Kink Inc. Pre-Registration cover

Idle Clicker Kink. Inc. Opens Pre-Registration on Nutaku

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku is getting ready to kick off yet another free-to-play game and this one is going to be interesting.
MagicAMI DX pre-registration Nutaku cover

MagicAMI DX Pre-Registration Opens on Nutaku

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku is getting ready to launch another free-to-play game!
Sorakana Nutaku cover

Nutaku's Sorakana Lets You Charge Into Battle With Sexy Alchemists

Adult gaming retailer and publisher Nutaku has launched a brand-new free-to-play game that's sure to please fans of turn-based RPGs! Sorakana <
SF Girls

SF Girls, a Nutaku Tower Defense Game That is Out of This World, is Out

From the developers of Project QT comes another Nutaku game, SF Girls, which has just been released. It's described as a tower de
Flaming Kingdom Nutaku cover

Flaming Kingdom Brings Furious Battles and Sexy Vixens to Android

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku has just launched another free-to-play game, and this one is making its debut on Android! Flaming Kingdom 
Nutaku Tits of Fury cover

Nutaku's Tits of Fury Debuts with Sexy Side-Scrolling Battles

I've heard the phrase "calm your tits" every now and again, but sometime your tiddies are just too mad.
Nutaku Pornhub crossover cover

Nutaku Pornhub Crossover Brings Porn Stars to Free-To-Play Games

The fight of 2D vs. 3D has been going on for a long time (and no, we're not talking about graphics).
Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale cover

The Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale Is Very Dirty

The Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale is here, and it's rather... dirty.
WabiSabi visual novel Nutaku cover

WabiSabi Visual Novel Debuts For Adult Gamers on Nutaku

If you're looking for a super-cute visual novel with anime tiddies, then you're in luck!
College Life Nutaku cover

Nutaku's College Life Makes Its Sexy Debut

Nutaku is debuting another brand-new free-to-play game!
Nutaku Heavy Metal Babes cover

Heavy Metal Babes Brings Turn-Based Mech Battles to Nutaku

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku has released its newest free-to-play game!
Nutaku College Life cover.jpg

College Life Pre-Registration Brings Sexy City Building to Nutaku

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku has opened up pre-registration for a brand-new game, and this one is a doozy. College Life plops you down
Nutaku Golden Week Sale cover

Nutaku Golden Week Sale Brings Back Great Adult Gaming Deals

The Nutaku Golden Week Sale has come back yet again at one of the world's biggest adult gaming distributors!
new downloadable Nutaku games cover

New Downloadable Nutaku Games Now Available

There are some new downloadable Nutaku games available at the adult gaming retailer, including Making Lovers and several other games from
Nutaku War on Venus cover

War of Venus Brings Sexy Idle Card Battles to Nutaku

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku has debuted a brand-new free-to-play title! War of Venus is all about a bunch of sexy anime girls beating
Nutaku Heavy Metal Babes cover

Nutaku's Heavy Metal Babes Opens Pre-Registration

Adult gaming publisher Nutaku has announced a brand-new game is in the works! Heavy Metal Bab
Monster Harem Nutaku cover

Nutaku's Monster Harem Launches Dirty Dungeon Crawling Goodness

Nutaku has launched another free-to-play game! Monster Harem is an epic dungeon-crawling adventure that will challenge your skills and it'
Nutaku Bunny days event cover

Nutaku Bunny Days Event will Make your Easter Super Lewd

Quarantine got you down? With the holidays on the way, a lot of us are stuck at home and pretty darn bored.
Nutaku Making Lovers cover

Making Lovers Lets You Enjoy Wholesome Lewdness on Nutaku

There are tons of great visual novels out there, but a brand-new one just got released at adult gaming retailer Nutaku. Making Lovers look
Nutaku Stay At Home Campaign cover

Nutaku Stay At Home Campaign Keeps You Indoors With Lewd Entertainment

Things are pretty rough right now, but the Nutaku Stay At Home Campaign is going to help keep you, er... occupied during these trying time
An image of two girls who don't need no man.

Nutaku Launches Himeko Maid, By The Devs of My Neighbor is a Yandere!?

Recently, launched a new title, Himeko Maid, which is by the developers of one of their most popular titles, My Neighbor is
Nutaku Valentine's Day Sale cover

Nutaku Valentine's Day Sale Showcases Sweet Savings

The Nutaku Valentine's Day Sale is here!
Ninja Maidens cover Nutaku

Nutaku's Ninja Maidens Sends Sexy Shinobi Into Battle

Digital adult game distributor Nutaku is back with a brand-new game called Ninja Maidens.
Project QT x Attack on Moe H

Nutaku Launches Project QT x Attack on Moe H Crossover Event

Digital adult games distributor Nutaku has launched the Project QT x Attack on Moe H crossover event according to a press release.
Blush Blush Uncut

Click On Hot Guys in Nutaku's Blush Blush Uncut

Adult gaming website Nutaku is expanding its LGBTQ+ offerings with Blush Blush Uncut, a gay version of their clicker game Crush Crush:
Nutaku Hentai Holiday Extravaganza 2019 cover

Nutaku Hentai Holiday Extravaganza Brings Awesome Discounts to Adult Games

The Nutaku Hentai Holiday Extravaganza 2019 is here! Like any other digital games retailer, Nutaku is running its own Christmas sale.
Soul Senki Logo

Nutaku's Soul Senki Lets You Command Busty Battle Souls

Nutaku is back with a brand-new free-to-play game! In Soul Senki, players are caught in a world that's been pulled into a terrible war.
Lustful Shores Girls

Lustful Shores Brings Titillating Tower Defense to Nutaku

Nutaku has launched yet another free-to-play game!