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Warlord Dating Sim RPG Sengoku Providence Released on Nutaku

December 16, 2016

By: Don Parsons

If you've ever wanted to go to the Sengoku period of Japan in a game that mixes turn-based combat, strategy and dating famous gender-flipped warlords, then the newly released Sengoku Providence: Battle of the Three Kingdoms may be what you want. Developed by DMM, it was localized by SuperHippo Studios and was released today exclusively on Nutaku, in both a not-safe-for-work version and a kinda-sorta-safe-for-work no nudity version.

Sengoku Providence sets the player in the role of a young man who is trying to protect his sister when he gets drawn into the period's politics and war. Fantasy versions of the famous Daimyo of the period are used, with the one big change mentioned above - instead of being grim male warlords, they are young teenage girls. As you meet with Oda Nobunaga you are offered to join one of three different leaders, with Oda, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Leyasu all seeking to get your loyalty with a mixture of monetary and romantic enticements. Each has a separate 13 chapter campaign that is single player, and after chapter 7 you can also play the game online in guild vs guild combat - but the game is designed to also work perfectly well if you want to avoid the online pvp and there are the 3 campaigns and an endless mode that unlocks at the end of completing a campaign that is for solo play.

Sengoku Provenence Campaign Choices

In gameplay, you use animated 2D Senki - warrior princesses - to fight against AI opponents on the battlefield in turn-based combat. Each Senki has a role defined by an element and fighting style that gives them special skills and attacks. Two examples are Gotou Matabei who is a fire archer Senki and thus has access to special skills to deal overwhelming damage to single targets and the dark swordswoman Kousaka Masanobu who can employ attacks that cover an entire area with poison. Endless mode amps up the repeating combat with bosses by going to multiple fights in a row without the ability to recharge health or stamina to get some of the rarest items in the game.

Sengoku Provenence combat

In the guild vs guild play of Sengoku Providence, you take your Senki to battle with rival teams of other players. These reward prizes for both participation and victory, and there are special tournaments as well, with prizes that mark high achievement in the game. If you want to help out in a fight without directly taking part, you can support your teammates by 'praying' for their success which provides them a special bonus.

Sengoku Provenence Magic

Sengoku Providence is a free-to-play game that is available on both the NSFW platform and the SWF (well to an extent) platform that Nutaku runs. There are plans for SuperHippo to continue updating the game with new content as well as arbitrating the PvP.

So if you want to go to the Sengoku period, you can sign up for Sengoku Providence right here (Affiliate link, NSFW).

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What are your thoughts on Sengoku Providence? Is this the type of game that you enjoy? Share your thoughts in the comments below