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Visual Novel Beauty Bounce Releasing On Nutaku

February 22, 2017

By: Andrew Stretch

Nutaku, an adult gaming portal, has just announced that they will be exclusively releasing the uncut visual novel Beauty Bounce on their website (NSFW). Beauty Bounce is a visual novel with adult themes developed originally by Brightly Studios. As with their other announcement, ChronoClock, there will also be an "all ages" release for Steam, coming at a later date. Brightly Studios are a new team currently working under the developer Dharker Studios and this is their first title.

In Beauty Bounce you play the role of Tomo; having recently inherited your Grandmother's resort, it's now you against the bank to prove that you can continue to make enough money running your business to keep yourself afloat. If that wasn't enough stress, you will also have to be running the beauty pageant that uses your resort as a setting, and your staff members are all gunning for top prize. Along the way there will be all kinds of distractions in the form of beautiful girls, but if you don't keep working hard, then you're not only putting the resort at stake, but also the lives of the staff that you keep employed.


Being a visual novel, a key aspect of this game is not only the "fun ecchi storyline," but also the variety of multiple endings allowing you to change the outcome of your story each time you play the game. You will get to decide who you want to interact with and how you'd like to do it. Take too many wrong options and some of your staff might not end up liking you very much, but for those situations where you play your cards right, it could cause quite the opposite effect.


Beauty Bounce is already available on Nutaku (NSFW) and you can purchase it now during its 15% sale for $5.90 or 590 Nutaku coins.

Disclosure: Nutaku provides perks (30% monthly discount on 1 item) for TechRaptor Pack Hunter members and TechRaptor participates in an affiliate linking program with the company.


What do you think of Beauty Bounce coming to Nutaku? Are you excited for another Japanese VN adventure?