[Updated] Nutaku Launches Censorship-Free Adult Games Store To Compete With Steam

May 18, 2016

By: Censored Gaming

Update: A Nutaku employee has taken to the Reddit sub KotakuInAction to provide more information about the new store.


NutakuDev here. As you may have guessed, I work for Nutaku.

When our site was initially getting off the ground, we made some unfortunate compromises with payment processors to be able to host a series of popular web games. That includes changing some of the characters you see above, the majority of which have been reverted to the original form. It was shitty process and none of us enjoyed it. Luckily, the games were successful anyway.

After a massive amount of feedback from the community, we've made a commitment that none of the downloadable games offered in our store would be censored by us in any way. We will take them as we receive them from the publisher or not put them up at all.

When we made our announcement of a censorship-free downloadable store, we meant it. That's the largest selling point for our product and we're not going to walk away from it.

So unambiguously: there will be no censorship by Nutaku on the downloadable store.


In summary, whilst Nutaku has been known to censor some of their own games when acting as a publisher, the store will not force censorship on other publishers, nor will they censor any of their own games anymore. In other words, Nutaku really is promising a truly censorship-free adult games store.


Original Story:

In a press release earlier today, adult gaming website Nutaku announced the launch of its downloadable adult games store (NSFW).


Spokesperson Robert Mann has explained Nutaku's intentions with the store:

The Nutaku store is a direct response to the high level of content restriction on distribution services such as Steam. With this new service, adult game developers will no longer be forced to choose between mass distribution or compromising their artistic vision. We want to give both fans and creators a censorship-free space to collaborate.

As explained, due to the high level of censorship that is required on the popular Steam platform, Nutaku hopes to be able to compete by offering developers a completely uncensored alternative for mass distributing their games.

Whilst the store is only in its first stage, Nutaku promises to ambitiously expand. Currently, the store offers titles from both Japanese and North American developers and the experience closely mirrors Steam.

Coming in Q3 of 2016 will be a downloadable client, offering friends lists, achievements, and other social features. This will also provide users with a convenient way to browse their library of games.


Nutaku Launch Sale

There is currently a week long launch sale, with title's offering discounts ranging from 20-50%. There are 16 titles there from developers such as OVERDRIVE and Moonstone available and likely to have more. The lineup presently has: Club LifeHighschool RomanceVanguard PrincessCho Dengeki StrykerBrave SoulForgotten Not LostDeardropsRaining BlobsSecret AgendaBazooka Cafe, Divine Slice of Life, Princess Evangile, Beach Bounce, Sword of Asumi, Echo Tokyo Intro, and Discouraged Workers Teen.

Note, this article concerns Nutaku's NSFW store, not to be confused with their non-adult, SFW store.

What do you think of Nutaku opening this type of store? Do you think Steam is overly restrictive with what is allowed on their platform? Are there any missing titles you'd like to see arrive there? Share your thoughts in the comments below!