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Take Over the Town in Mafia King of Underground Deluxe, Now Live on Nutaku

July 7, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

Have you ever wanted to be a mafia boss? You can do exactly that in Mafia King of Underground Deluxe, a new free-to-play adult Android game that just launched on adult gaming retailer Nutaku.

In Mafia King of Underground Deluxe, you'll start from some pretty humble beginnings. You have some cash, a few members in your crew, and that's about it — it's up to you to build up your empire and take over the city.


Mafia King of Underground Deluxe Nutaku gameplay
Much like a real mafia, most of your day-to-day job involves managing your empire and your associates.

Players will largely be focused on erecting buildings, collecting revenue, and completing missions. This isn't just an idle clicker/city builder, though — you'll also have to use your tapping skills to break up riots or take care of other problems (such as your secretary having the hots for you). Players can choose from a number of different characters to represent themselves in-game.

Naturally, this is a Nutaku game — you'll also have access to more than your fair share of lewd content, some of which is animated. (Heck, the game opens up with an animated sex scene right out of the gate!)


Mafia King of Underground Deluxe Nutaku slice

Play Mafia King of Underground Deluxe for Free on Nutaku Right Now!

If leading a citywide gang sounds like your kind of jam, then Mafia King of Underground Deluxe might be your kind of game! As always, keep in mind that this is a free-to-play game — you'll be able to spend some real-world cash to increase your currency reserves or speed up gameplay if you feel so inclined.


What are you waiting for? You can play Mafia King of Underground Deluxe for free on Android right now [NSFW] via Nutaku. The game is currently only available for Android devices; a PC/browser release may arrive at a later date. Not your kind of jam? Why not check out the lewd clicker game House of Sin or the sexy auto battler Chick Dynasty instead?

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