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Tactics Elemental Releases April 6th On Nutaku

April 5, 2017

By: Robert N. Adams

Tactics Elemental, a tactical RPG in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre created by FredGDArt (and featuring some distinctly erotic imagery), will be available for sale on Nutaku on April 6, 2017 according to a press release from the company. This game in particular (as with many of Nutaku's offerings) features content intended for mature audiences 18 and older, so please do be aware that the game has a boatload of NSFW content.

Tactics Elemental features tactical RPG gameplay on a grid-based system similar to classics of the genre like Tactics Ogre. It features 9 "main character NPCs", over 90 battle stages across the main and side quests, and no DRM. The game also features erotic themes and imagery, a portion of which integrates with the gameplay - characters will grow closer to one another and gain more power as they have more romantic interludes via the Bond-Enhancement system. These tactical encounters of a different nature are explored through 500 scenes, 220 of which are uncensored.


The game takes place within the world of Nowhere which is under threat from a race from another material plane. The Sage of Arach Niac and her band of companions have set out to confront this threat. Their hope is placed in The Eternial, a sexy avatar of divine power.

People who are interested in following the development of the game can take a peek at the official development map which shows a list of completed features and what new features are currently being worked on. At the moment, the game's creator is working on commissions for his Patreon [NSFW], dealing with health issues, and working on DLC for the game proper. Tactics Elemental will be available for sale on Nutaku on April 6 [NSFW, Affiliated] and will include the first DLC bundle for free.


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What do you think of Tactics Elemental? Does it seem like the sort of game you'd be interested in playing? Does the inclusion of adult-themed elements interest you in the title or is the gameplay the more important part of the package? Let us know in the comments below!