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Tactics Elemental Gets First DLC on Nutaku

August 17, 2017

By: Alexandria Brown

FredGDArt’s tactical role playing game Tactics Elemental launched exclusively on adult gaming site Nutaku on April 6, 2017, and is now launching its first DLC. This new content expands the world and story adding new chapters with sexy story elements and strategic battles. Prepare to delve deeper into the erotic realm of “Nowhere” with these new chapters.

Tactics Elemental Adult Gaming Nutaku


Tactics Elemental is FredGDArt’s first game and it has been a top download on Nutaku since its launch. You may be familiar with the developer’s art from his online comic Gold Digger. Now his unique style can be experienced in an adult video game.

In this tactical RPG players can explore the kingdom of Nowhere and defend it from villains. The Sage of Arach Niac and her company of heroes must fight of a race of enter-planar nightmares using their sexy powers.  In addition to turn based tactical combat, Tactics Elemental includes visual novel style interactions. As possible romantic prospects fight together in battle they will gain affinity and increase their bond. The bond enchantment system allows players to increase the power of characters the closer they grow together and the more intimate there are. There are over 56 pair bond combinations in the game to try out.


Tactics Elemental Adult Gaming Nutaku

Tactics Elemental features 500 scenes, over 220 of which feature adult content. The new content adds even more of these scenes and becomes available at the “Astral Leyline” stage of chapter 4. The new chapters added to the game will focus on small parties from the main company of heroes that go off on their own erotic adventures.


More DLC campaigns with even more steamy content are planned to be added to the game and this is just the beginning. The “Astral Leyline” content for Tactics Elemental costs $5.00 and is available now on Nutaku.net with all its NSFW content. The game is DRM free.

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