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Subverse Kickstarter Makes $2+ Million, Hits Top 20 of Gaming Campaigns

May 2, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

The Subverse Kickstarter has cleared £1,668,546 (just under $2.18 million) by the close of its campaign, making it one of the top 20 most successful gaming Kickstarters in the crowdfunding platform's history. A game doing well on Kickstarter isn't that big of a surprise, but this is a somewhat special case — Subverse is an adult-oriented video game. That's right, an anime tiddy game broke the Top 20 on Kickstarter.

Subverse is being created by Studio FOW, an organization of animators that specialize in a somewhat unique area of the medium. In essence, this team of creators make sexually-explicit animations with video game characters. It was making them over $20,000 a month on Patreon before they were shut down at the end of 2018. A statement from the team following the shutdown said that they have "been working on alternate revenue streams", and it seems like one of them was a video game that ultimately ended up being very successful.


Adult-oriented digital entertainment is nothing new. Patreon has hundreds of creators big and small that are collecting hundreds or thousands of dollars every month to churn out lewd animations featuring well-known characters from video games and other mediums. Some of the biggest creators of adult games on Patreon are bringing in close to (or more than) a million dollars a year. There are, of course, also plenty of interactive video games like those released by adult-oriented video game distributor Nutaku which recently released its own Android Store and has its own adult-focused crowdfunding site.

Studio FOW, however, was on another level entirely. While most creators create animations only a few seconds long, Studio FOW created epic movies, some of which approached nearly an hour in length. Suffice it to say, they were well known within this particular niche of entertainment.


"We may not have gotten a "Projects We Love" tag on Kickstarter or much love from the mainstream media during this campaign but you sure as hell made a statement by uniting as one behind our project!," the organization said in a recent backer update. "You can all be very proud of yourselves as a community."

The Subverse Kickstarter did so well that it cracked the Top 20 of Kickstarter's most funded video game projects around the world. It currently holds the #17 position, just behind Planetary Annihilation and ahead of Star Citizen. (Yes, that's right — it beat out Star Citizen on Kickstarter.) The campaign hit every single one of their stretch goals and closed out at 1,668% of their original funding goal.


Mind, Kickstarter is no stranger to campaigns for adult-oriented video games. Dharker Studios' Negligee: Love Stories raked in £14,448 ($18,838) of its £1,500 ($1,956) goal and there are plenty more campaigns just like it. While they're often successful, very few of them approach the level of success that Studio FOW achieved with the Subverse Kickstarter.

For now, Studio FOW is focusing on finishing up development of the game. The developers promise to avoid "feature creep", something that has plagued many a successful Kickstarter campaign. The first version of the Subverse is expected to arrive sometime in June 2019.

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