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SF Girls, a Nutaku Tower Defense Game That is Out of This World, is Out

June 18, 2020

By: Patrick Perrault

From the developers of Project QT comes another Nutaku game, SF Girls, which has just been released. It's described as a tower defense game that is out of this world, and I'm definitely sure at least one mind will be blown by the sheer storytelling power and majesty that this game offers. I mean, that's what everyone goes to Nutaku for, right? Epic storylines that make you question what it means to be human and the like, right? No? Well, here's the rest of the game to make up your mind then.

It's been 312 years since the Alpha stone has been discovered, which now sits at the very center of civilization. Intriguingly, it brought balance to the planet by changing the "old way of things into ones far more... desirable." Meeooow.


But this all changed when the fire nation invaders attacked. They came (in more ways than one) for your planet, and you as someone with a head on their shoulders must take charge and lead your planet to victory. 

As a tower defense title, the player will recruit an all-girl special forces team to fight against waves of the invaders, and that means you'll have to manage up to 35 girls, which is crazy. 34 would be fine, but 35? Madness. Madness, I tell you!


All the girls will be able to be trained, seduced, and have sex with. I'm sure this comes as a shock to you, so I hope you were sitting down when you began reading this article. Drink some water, turn on the air conditioning, and come back when you're ready to continue.

Alright, so apparently as there are a lot of ASSets (listen, I didn't come up with this) to manage, that means you have to be on your A-Game in order to unlock their Unique Sex Scenes--which is capitalized in on the store page for some reason. Oh, and defend the Alpha, or whatever. Be the king or queen of the hill and get to the top of the PVP rankings or something. Yawn. We know what you're really here for, right? The immersive storyline, of course!


If you're all riled up and ready to go after my magnificent description of this game, be sure to check it out here. I'm sure the results will be quite... explosive.

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