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Sexy VN Mutiny!! Top Downloaded Game on Nutaku

August 3, 2017

By: Alexandria Brown

Not long ago we reported the launch of the adult visual novel Mutiny!! on adult gaming portal Nutaku. Now the site is confirming that Lupiesoft’s erotic adventure on the high seas has been a big success, sustaining its position as a top ranked downloadable game since its launch. Thousands of players have already downloaded the sexy seafaring tale. Featuring the fetish themes of monster girls, futanari and size difference, you can visit Nutaku and see for yourself why this adult visual novel is so popular.

mutiny nutaku
A random meeting send you on an erotic pirate adventure in Mutiny!!.


In Mutiny!! players will follow the story of an accidental captain and their crew of sexy ragtag shipmates. After a random meeting with a down on her luck pirate captain, with the Navy on her tail, you inherit her hat and coat and with it, her ship and crew. Together you will search for treasure, encounter monsters and a slew of interesting sexual experiences while trying to get out of debt. Pilot your ship through the air and sea as you explore this unique world.

Mutiny Adult Game Nutaku
Visit realms of air and sea as you explore this unique world.


As the game continues in its success, more content will be added to the game. There are currently 11 different girls to encounter with five monster girls to romance and more will be coming soon. In your romantic endeavors, you’ll be faced with various social options that will not only change your relationships with other characters but can also influence the story’s ending.  In addition to your standard visual novel story content, Mutiny!! also has puzzle based ship combat and puzzle solving dungeons to keep players engaged.

Mutiny Adult Game Monster Girls
Meet and romance five different monster girls that make up your pirate crew.


On your adventures, you’ll be able to visit 12 different visual locations where you’ll encounter unique realms, fascinating creatures, dangerous confrontations, and valuable treasure. Mutiny!! includes charming music and uncensored HD sexy scenes and illustrations. Available on for $20.00, Mutiny!! is available to download for 18+ gamers now.