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Sekai Project is Teaming Up with Nutaku to Publish 18+ Releases of their Titles

September 10, 2016

By: James Galizio

Sekai Project has become a major player in the Visual Novel market on Steam thanks to their early successes with various kickstarters, and the massive success with titles such as NekoPara, the company has situated itself as a market leader for the genre. However, one of the major complaints that some fans of Visual Novels have had with the company in the past has been their inability or refusal to release uncensored, 18+ versions of some of the titles they have licensed and published. It's a tough situation; although Sekai Project has announced 18+ versions of titles in the past they have ended up neglecting to release, another hurdle surrounding 18+ releases is the fact that adult content simply can't be published on Steam.


Hopefully today's announcement will make it that much easier for 18+ English releases to see the light of day, as Nutaku has announced their partnership with Sekai Project to bring the uncensored releases of their titles to their storefront. Alongside selling their uncensored releases, the storefront claims that they will also be " lending [their] voice to requests for adult versions of games, ensuring that Japanese developers can be confident in a judgement-free zone of enthusiasts waiting to enjoy the product of their labors."

Today's announcement, besides hopefully being good news for Visual Novel fans that would like to read the adult version of their favorite titles, adds to a growing set of projects that Sekai Project is now working on. We previously interviewed company Limited Run Games during E3, where part of the focus of our interview was asking them about how they're planning to publish physical releases of console Visual Novels for Sekai Project. During Anime Expo, Sekai Project also had a slew of Visual Novel announcements, with Baldyr Sky undoubtedly being the highlight of the panel.


What do you think of the Sekai Project and Nutaku partnership? What are you most looking forward to?