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Seductive Sequel My Neighbor Is A Yandere?! Chapter 2 Out Now On Nutaku

February 24, 2018

By: Robert N. Adams

Seductive visual novel My Neighbor is a Yandere?! Chapter 2 is now available to download on Nutaku according to a press release from the digital distribution service.

In My Neighbor is a Yandere?! Chapter 2, players take on the role of the perfectly average 20-year-old Senjuro. He's been in a coma for nearly seven years, and he awakens without much recollection of what his life was like before a terrible accident. Fortunately for him (and you), he's cared for by his beautiful neighbor Nanase who's ready to take care of all of his needs as he recovers his health. She seems like a sweet girl, but every now and again things seem just a little bit... off.

my neighbor is a yandere chapter 2 game screens
In the latest Nutaku release My Neighbor is a Yandere?! Chapter 2, you'll make choices throughout the game - some of which will lead to a good bit of delightful digital debauchery.

If you're not quite up to speed with all of the anime girl archetypes, a "yandere" is a character that switches between two moods. Most of the time they're terribly sweet and caring for the target of their obsession, but they are occasionally prone to fits of destructive (even murderous) violence if someone else happens to get in the way.

The game features high-quality anime art, multiple dialogue options, and decisions that can lead you towards one of three different endings. The Japanese voice acting is paired with your choice of English or Spanish text. As you work your way through the game, you'll be able to unlock the game's sprites, alternative costumes for Nanase, and a number of adult CG scenes that are also viewable in an in-game gallery. (If it isn't patently clear by the above screenshots or description, this is an adult game filled with some rather lewd material.)

You can grab My Neighbor is a Yandere?! Chapter 2 for yourself on Nutaku [NSFW, Affiliate Link] along with the first game in the series My Neighbor is a Yandere?! [NSFW, Affiliate Link] at a price of $5.00 or 500 Nutaku Gold for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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What do you think of My Neighbor is a Yandere?! Chapter 2? Who is your favorite yandere character ever? Let us know in the comments below!