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Rumblade Is The Latest Turn-Based RPG To Hit Nutaku

September 8, 2018

By: Dan Hodges

Rumblade is Nutaku's latest free-to-play release. The turn-based RPG takes characters inspired by the Sengoku period and takes them beyond the 16th-century to imaginative storylines and locations.

The developers have called Rumblade a kind of spiritual successor to their previous game, Mononofu. They said it's similar to this game but fundamentally a "totally new game inside and out". The game is sure to resonate with fans of turn-based RPGs and anime art styles.


During the Sengoku Period, a Demon by the name of Mara fed on mankind and plotted to send the world into chaos. This Demon consumed a Hero named Akechi Mitsuhide, who then gained monstrous powers that covered the world in darkness- all under Mara’s control. It is up to a courageous and daring Warrior to gather a harem of sexy Samurais and battle the corrupted enemies that cross their paths. Upgrade your array of female fighters to make them effective on the on and off the battlefield.

It features multiplayer that allows players to work together or compete during the Raid Boss and Arena game modes. Rumblade will also feature monthly events to participate in.


The game's turn-based combat in action

Rumblade is very much a mobile game, so expect to find many of the trappings you'd expect. Loot boxes, randomized items, etc. but the combat is pretty solid. The game is available on Android or PC via web browser. Check it for yourself here.


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Quick Take

Don't be put off by the lewd nature of the game. Rumblade is more than just a trashy anime sex game. The turn-based combat is surprisingly solid and the RPG progression is gripping and engaging. The game's story is also actually pretty unique, taking influence from the 16th-century Sengoku period and using it to go far beyond those limitations.