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Roll the Dice In Queen's Coast Casino, Now Available On Nutaku!

December 17, 2018

By: Robert N. Adams

Queen's Coast Casino is the latest premium game to launch on Nutaku, a video game distribution platform dedicated to adult gaming.

Contrary to what you may immediately think, Queen's Coast Casino is very much not a free to play game - this is a premium title. (Releasing a free-to-play casino game like this would kinda be pushing it, I'd say.) This game operates on a simple premise - enjoy some casino games at a resort packed to the rafters with thicc girls.


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Yeah, we had to pixelate the booty. Sorry 'bout that. Strangely, the cards are the one thing in Queen's Coast Casino that appears to not have naked girls on it.

A press release from the publisher has some additional details. This lovely island resort offers up four different games of chance for players to enjoy including blackjack and slots. There are other activities you can partake in like hitting up the bar. (Frankly speaking, you probably shouldn't buy a game set at a casino if you don't enjoy gambling.)


It wouldn't be a Nutaku game without copious amounts of nudity and Queen's Coast Casino delivers in spades. There are over 200 CG images for players to unlock along with three ravishing casino hostesses for you to interact with. You can even unlock some neat outfits for the shopkeeper to mix things up a bit!

In short, Queen's Coast Casino is a game filled with gambling that doesn't actually take your real money - kind of a rarity in the gaming world these days, ha. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, you can pick it up for PC and Mac at Nutaku for $13.99 or 1,399 Nutaku Coins.


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What do you think of Queen's Coast Casino? Does the titillation factor add to the appeal of casino games or would you prefer to play cards in a no-nonsense environment? Let us know in the comments below!