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Rance Quest Magnum Available From MangaGamer Feb 25th

January 28, 2021

By: William Worrall

MangaGamer is gearing up to make your 2021 the most adventurous year yet with the first English-language release of Hentai RPG Rance Quest Magnum coming February 25th to the popular H-game marketplace. 

A Sexy Adventure

Rance Quest Magnum tells the story of 'hero' Rance as he sets out to relax after saving the land of Nippon. Unfortunately for him, Rance falls prey to a curse that prevents him from sleeping with any girl under level 35 (meta!). To fix this issue Rance must once again set out on a mission to screw as many girls above level 35 as he can before he goes without sex so long that he goes off it. 


Rance Quest Magnum has you form a strong party of attractive ladies to take on various missions to aid Rance in his quest to get laid as many times as possible. Chase tail across a huge world filled with hundreds of unique missions, recruit dozens of sexy companions and even revisit with some of your old flames from previous games if you just couldn't get enough the first time around. 

Rance Quest Magnum Finally In English

2021 will mark the first time this entry in the Rance Quest series is available in English. Rance Quest Magnum was previously released in Japanese back in 2017 by Alicesoft, a company well known across the world for its top-tier H games. Fans of the series who are unfortunate enough to not read Japanese will be pretty stoked to finally be able to play the next entry. If you're into classic-style JRPGs but with a sexy twist then you might just be about to discover a new favorite series. 


You can pre-order Rance Quest Magnum right now exclusively from MangaGamer. The game is expected to be released on February 25th, 2021. 

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