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Rance Pre-Orders and Higurashi Sale Now Live on MangaGamer

October 1, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Rance 01 + 02 is reviving a hentai classic on adult gaming retailer MangaGamer, and that's not all — you can get the original Higurashi game on sale right now, just in time for the new anime!

MangaGamer is a website that imports and translates games from Japan. While there are certainly some wholesome games on there, it also deals in a fair few hentai games as well. Now, the classic game Higurashi is on sale and the first two Rance games are available for pre-order!


Mangagamer Rance 01 + 02 slice

See Where it All Started with Rance 01 + 02

Rance 01 + 02 is exactly what it says on the tin: a package that includes the first two games in this long-running hentai franchise. Our titular hero loves to travel the land fighting evil... and seducing sexy maidens along the way.


The first Rance game will have players trying to save the daughter of a noble family. In the second game, Rance must save the town of Custom from peril. Along the way, he'll be joined by his super-cute helper Siller, a bright and cheery girl who occasionally succumbs to his relentless advances.

If this sounds like your kind of jam, you can pre-order Rance 01 + 02 on MangaGamer right now [NSFW] for $31.45 or your regional equivalent, a 10% discount off of its launch price. Don't go away just yet, though — there's one great game that you can buy today!


MangaGamer Higurashi sale slice

Experience the Classic Higurashi at a Steep Discount

Rance isn't all that's up for grabs on MangaGamer — Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Question Arc is also available for sale at a pretty good discount.

If you're not quite familiar with Higurashi, it unfolds a story that takes place in 1983. The same thing has happened for the past four years: someone dies, and someone goes missing. There's a mystery to discover here, but you may not be able to escape your fate. With the release of a new anime this year, it's never been a better time to check out the original that started it all!

You can jump into the classic Higurashi games on MangaGamer right now [NSFW] for just $9.95 — a stellar 50% discount! If you prefer to pick up something else today, you can also check out MangaGamer's newest release Eternal Torment.


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