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Plunder Loot in Booty Slayers Out Now From Nutaku

August 22, 2019

By: William Worrall

The folks over at Nutaku don't seem to want to stop bringing out some of the best adult games around, not to mention expanding their broad array of themes. Booty Slayers is a new tower-defense browser game which has you plundering loot in the lush sea-borne parade of the pirates. As you can probably guess, the loot you'll be plundering if the booty of some fine wenches you come across sailing the seven seas.

Booty Slayers puts you on the crew of the notorious pirate captain, Mason Hawke aboard the Sea Drake. You must battle your way through the levels, defending the Sea Drake from the enemy pirate hordes as you get as much treasure as you can find to keep your crew and ship in top condition. The game features a pretty in-depth tech tree with numerous different upgrades for your various cannons and crew members. As well as upgrades you also have access to numerous different pirate powers which can be used to turn the tide of battle in your own favor. You may also come across some friendly native island dwellers who can be hired to patrol the waters near your boat to keep you safe from harm.


The story of Booty Slayers is told in a visual novel style with different story segments as you make your way through the levels. There are also some beautifully animated and drawn H-Scenes of you getting lucky with sexy pirate ladies who you come across in your adventures. Booty Slayers is available right now over at Nutaku and can be played right in your browser for free. Just sign up to a free Nutaku account to play.

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What do you think of Booty Slayers? Will you be trying the game out the next time you get a chance? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.