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Pleasure Inc. Lets You Build a Sex Toy Empire on Nutaku

July 8, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

Building sex toys is serious business, and now you can finally see what it takes thanks to adult gaming retailer Nutaku's newest release Pleasure Inc.

In Pleasure Inc., you've been given the opportunity to start your very own sex toy empire. You'll start off with a simple latex factory — from there, you'll expand to making condoms and other adult goods. (And you'll make a pretty penny along the way, too.)


Pleasure Inc gameplay Nutaku
You can let things run on their own, but you can also speed things up by clicking or tapping on the "boost" button for any production building.

Pleasure Inc. is largely an idle management game, but it does give you the option to speed things up as you play by clicking or tapping on "boost" buttons for each building. These buttons will speed up deliveries, helping to level out any uneven production and ensuring that your whole operation runs smoothly.

It wouldn't be a Nutaku game without some good ol' lewdness, either, and Pleasure Inc. has more than its fair share. Progressing through the game will unlock opportunities to start conversations with the girls in the town, eventually unlocking some pretty spicy adult pictures for you to enjoy!


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Get Nutaku Gold Discounts with the Nutaku Go For Gold Event 2021

The launch of Pleasure Inc. aside, there's a good opportunity to get a Nutaku Gold discount with the Nutaku Go For Gold Event 2021! This sports-themed event has a fair few surprises in store, but one of the best features is the ability to pick up some premium currency at a discount.


Here are the Nutaku 'Go For Gold' Event bundles that you can buy according to a press release:

Nutaku Gold Discounts for New Users

  • $2: 400 Nutaku Gold (200 bonus NG)
  • $12: 1,800 Nutaku Gold (600 bonus NG)
  • $25: 3,750 Nutaku Gold (1,250 bonus NG)
  • $50: 7,500 Nutaku Gold (2,500 bonus NG)
  • $99: 14,850 Nutaku Gold (4,950 bonus NG)

Nutaku Gold Discounts for Registered Users

  • $10: 1,100 Nutaku Gold (100 bonus NG)
  • $18: 2,016 Nutaku Gold (216 bonus NG)
  • $35: 4,025 Nutaku Gold (525 bonus NG)
  • $60: 7,080 Nutaku Gold (1,080 bonus NG)
  • $115: 13,800 Nutaku Gold (2,300 bonus NG)
  • $325: 39,975 Nutaku Gold (7,475 bonus NG)
  • $550: 69,850 Nutaku Gold (14,850 bonus NG)
  • $999: 129,870 Nutaku Gold (29,970 bonus NG)

Nutaku Gold is the website's premium currency. It can be used in any of the free-to-play games on the platform (whether on PC or Android), and it can also be used to purchase premium games from Nutaku's growing library of adult gaming content.

Of course, these Nutaku Gold discounts aren't the only cool part of the event. Many free-to-play games are having special in-game events and discounts. Best of all, a number of premium games are on sale, so you can save twice by buying Nutaku Gold at a cheaper price and then picking up a premium game at a discount, too!

Check out the Nutaku Go For Gold Event 2021 [NSFW] to see all of the great deals you can get right now — this event runs from today until July 12, 2021.


Pleasure Inc slice Nutaku

Play Pleasure Inc. for Free on Nutaku Right Now!

Not interesting in buying more Nutaku Gold? That's okay, you still have a new free-to-play game to check out with Pleasure Inc.! As always, bear in mind that this is a free-to-play game — you have the option of spending some real-world cash to increase your in-game currency or speed up gameplay if you'd like.

It can't hurt to check it out (unless you're into that kind of thing) — you can play Pleasure Inc. for free on PC and Android [NSFW] on Nutaku right now! Want to try something a little different? Why not check out the mafia sim Mafia King of Underground Deluxe or Nutaku's sexy clicker House of Sin?

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