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Play With Some Balls in Nutaku's 7 Angels

February 21, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

Nutaku has launched a brand-new free-to-play puzzle game titled 7 Angels. This game follows in the footsteps of fare like HuniePop by combining puzzle game elements with a dating sim. In this particular instance, it uses "bubble" style match 3 puzzles where a bunch of colorful marbles drop down from the top of the screen. Players must select one and then drag their cursor to at least two others in order to remove them and score points.

The threadbare plot is thus: you've been cursed by the devil. The only way to redeem your soul is by seducing the titular 7 angels. That's right, you literally copulate your way out of damnation. (Somehow, I feel like they've got this one backwards.) Players will communicate with the girls through a chat message interface, occasionally making choices for their responses in a sort of visual novel style. Once you hit the end of a conversation, you'll need to play through a puzzle to progress.


As with all Nutaku games, 7 Angels has some lovely lewd content to unlock. However, this particular game ramps things up to a slightly ridiculous level in terms of the nudity. Heck, the puzzle pieces themselves are NSFW. (I'm not joking, they have little genitalia and breasts on them.) In total, there are more than 500 different lewd images of the game's girls for you to unlock.

This is a free-to-play title, so keep in mind that the systems involved. Players will expend energy in order to complete certain actions. Rubies can be earned as you play the game and can be used to purchase energy or certain items. Diamonds, in turn, are the premium currency that can be used to purchase Rubies or certain special items.


If 7 Angels sounds like the sort of thing you'd like to play, you can give it a spin for free over at Nutaku.

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