Versus Tales X Nutaku cover

Nutaku's Versus Tales X Takes Your Waifus to War

October 13, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Versus Tales X has made its debut as Nutaku's newest free-to-play game on the adult gaming retailer, letting players charge into battle with their choice of hundreds of sexy anime girls.

In Versus Tales X, the protagonist finds himself transported to "Otogiland", a mystical realm that is kept in balance by the opposing forces of Elmight and Demight. Our hero has particularly powerful Elmight abilities and is well-equipped to command an army of warriors — just in time to combat the rise of a new darkness.


The heroines of the game are reinterpretations of classic fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, although there are some key differences — largely in the willingness of these girls to get down and dirty. (Granted, Cinderella got plenty dirty in her original story, but not quite in the same way.)

Versus Tales X Nutaku gameplay
Battles in Versus Tales X are largely automated, but you can still activate special abilities and build up the stats of your handpicked team.

As with many such games, your girls go into battle using automated JRPG combat. That's not to say the battle is out of your hands, though — players must time the use of special abilities in the course of combat. Outside of battle, you're going to want to recruit new girls to your team and power up their stats to make them even fiercer fighters.


Following a successful pre-registration period, Nutaku has also made the intriguing announcement that a PVP "Arena" mode will also be available where your team can go up against another player in the same style of combat.

Play Versus Tales X on Nutaku for Free Right Now!

This is a Nutaku game, of course, so that means that there will be some spicy sex scenes for players to enjoy. This is also a free-to-play game, though, and you can also take advantage of the game's gatcha system and various other premium power-ups should you choose to use them.


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and play Versus Tales X for free on Nutaku right now [NSFW] and enjoy this game filled with sexy fairy tale girls! If you're in the mood for something else, why not start your own real estate empire in or take to the skies with a bunch of sexy stewardesses in Sexy Airlines?

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